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>>> right now on "andrea mitchell reports" sandy strikes the east coast. hours ahead of making landfall, this huge storm surge already is hitting flood zones with warnings of 90-mile winds ahead. >> this is a massive storm. hurricane-force winds extend some 175 miles in every direction of this center. >> for those people who have lost power already or will lose power between now and when i speak to you next, i'm going to have to ask for your patience. >> just eight days until the election and sandy is the october surprise. president canceled everything, flew back from florida today to take charge in the situation room. >> because of the nature of this storm, we are certain that this is going to be a slow moving process through a wide swath of the country and millions of people are going to be affected. so the most important message that i have for the public right now is please listen to what your state and local officials are saying. >> that left bill clinton flying solo in florida. >> i was supposed to be the warmup man for president obama today. but that storm on the east co
today. the northeast crippled by sandy. 8 million without power, the storm moving very slowly toward canada. the weather channel's hurricane expert brian norcross joins me now. tell us the latest and give us feel for where it is going, where it's been and how unusual this storm has been. >> all right. andrea, this storm is still spinning around, centered here in pennsylvania now. none of them is of consequence. it's all about the weather going on. along the east coast in the new york metropolitan area a few showers around. still a good breeze coming off the ocean, though, and that will slow down some of the power restorations, because some of those winds are gusting 30 miles an hour or more. that's a problem. heavy rains around washington and also around washington, the water from the chesapeake bay is being pushed down now and is still causing some flooding although the general flooding picture is much, much mo improved from yesterday. up into maine there are severe thunderstorms with winds over 50 miles an hour up that way, so more power may go out with those storms and then over i
. and a president that brings us together. >> good day. i'm andrea mitchell live in washington. misery from sandy is coming along the northeast corridor with fires burning in new jersey and search and rescue operations going on. one of the hardest had hit in the state is point pleasant beach where we find nbc's ron allen who rode out the storm there and met with a beach front resident that surveyed the damage. >> that was the whole dining area. there were walls and windows, just, you know, where our to go was and our kitchen. >> there are no walls and windows now. >> amazing. >> and joining me now, ron allen in point pleasant beach, new jersey. ron, teresa is in still in shock when she talked to you and people throughout that area. still clearly trying to get their hearts and minds around the devastation of their town. >> exactly, andrea. it was so unexpected that the storm would be so bad. even though there were forecasts of that, but when you come here on another day like today, for example, look at where the ocean is. it's about 50 yards away from shore and as you come further up this way ther
off the first debate. by october 15th, the race had settled to where it was up until hurricane sandy. i point to the "washington post"/abc news, doing tracking polls every day about a week and a half now, the last two rolling tracks we've asked about president obama's job performance on sandy, 78% two days ago said excellent or good, 79% said excellent or good. yesterday. when you're dealing with the margins here, it can't hurt. i think the fact that the president got to be the president, kind of be bipartisan, to go up, look at things, that role, remember the people haven't decided yet, aren't partisans on either side. they tend to be independent on affiliated -- unaffiliated voters. who don't like that partisanship. for him to be with chris christie looking like they were working together for the good of the people in new jersey and new york, that accrues to his broad benefit. do i know how many people say i saw president obama during hurricane sandy and i'm voting for him, no, but i think this last week has helped him burnish that image of a guy who is presidential willing to work
by hurricane sandy but beginning to resume operations slowly. this morning, laguardia airport, completely flooded during the storm, reopened limited service office jfk and newark opened. tom kos tell la made his way to laguardia overnight. what are you seeing there? >> reporter: this is the good news. actual -- we've got passengers. we've got people pulling up to the curbs and importantly planes on the ramps. we were here with the first plane landed here at laguardia. two runways here running and operational. delta planes here, american, air tran p so the big players are moving in. us airways hoping they can get up and running tomorrow. it's a truncated schedule today. it's not a full operation. but the hope is, it's a start and it will continue over the coming days. jfk and newark, also of course up and running. let me show you what they had to overcome here at laguardia. take a look at the flooding that we have seen here. this week, because of hurricane sandy, and in some cases water up to the jet bridge, so they had to clean all of that out. they had to make sure electronics, lights, e
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10 (some duplicates have been removed)